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TRAIL TWO: The Stadium Trail

Birth of the
Kallang Roar

The City of Fire

Prepare for Take-Off
(Source: Singapore History Consultants Pte Ltd)

9. The City of Fire

Kallang Gasworks have met Singapore's energy needs for more than 130 years. While the historic complex closed in 1998, a slice of its heritage has survived. The Spirit of Kallang, a sculpture created by Singaporean artist Lim Leong Seng, opened in the same year a short distance from the site. It incorporates materials from the gasworks, and its design symbolises "the hardworking ethos and enduring spirit of the early pioneers of Singapore".

You may refer to pages 6, 16, 38 - 39 of the Guide Book for more information.

(Source: National Archives of Singapore, Singapore Land Authority)
(Top) A map of the Kampong Bugis area in 1913. (Bottom) A map of the same area in 2018.

Kallang Gasworks is marked out in red. The surviving gasholder is marked in green. The blue dots in both maps indicate where you are standing.
(Source: Singapore History Consultants Pte Ltd)
In 1888, a Hindu temple was founded by Tamil workers of Kallang Gasworks, who had set up a shrine to Lord Siva. The Sri Manmatha Karuneshvarar Temple still stands in its original location, opposite the former gasworks, and is also known by devotees as the Kallang Gasworks Sivan Temple.

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